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theIRevolution January 2013

theIRevolution Newsletter January 2013

January 2013

theIRevolution Begins

Welcome to the inaugural edition of theIRevolution, theIRapp™’s newsletter to keep communications professionals at public companies up to date on the rapidly evolving world of Investor Relations and mobile communications strategies.

Following on our well attended webinar, Mobile IR Communications: Today and Tomorrow, this month we take a look at theIRevolution through the eyes of the investor with insight from Rich Karpinski, senior mobile analyst of Yankee Group. If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, you can still listen to the great conversation by clicking here.

Each month in theIRevolution, we will highlight communications strategies and answer questions with a focus on how technology is changing our IR industry. We will also provide you with fun and interesting tidbits of IR trivia and nostalgia.

As apps continue to proliferate and become more engrained in our personal and professional lives, we continue to hear the question, “do I really need an IR app and will my investors use it.” Rather than answer the question in words, we created the video below. As you’ll see, it showcases how just as the IR section of the corporate website used to be a “nice to have,” it evolved into the “must have.” So too will be the case with IR apps.

We welcome the opportunity to connect with you through our social networks or by email – If there is a topic you want us to explore, or if you want to submit a blog post for inclusion in theIRevolution, we’d like to hear from you.

This is a very exciting time for the IR industry. Not since the turn of the Millennium, when the Internet was relatively new to communications, has a new technological platform presented itself with so much promise. No one can question that mobile is here to stay. So now is the time to take advantage of a great opportunity and join theIRevolution.

Jeff Corbin
Co-Founder, theIRapp



“If mass communications blend together harmoniously, and often unnoticeably, art, politics, religion, and philosophy with commercials, they bring these realms of culture to their common denominator–the commodity form. The music of the soul is also the music of salesmanship. Exchange value, not truth value, counts.”

Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979),
U.S. political philosopher (1964).

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5 Reasons the Buy and Sell Side Will Use
Investor Apps in 2013

by Jeff Corbin

Over the past several years, the proliferation of mobile devices has brought us into an era of both convenience and dependency. Individuals are more connected than ever before. They also have a growing need for more information and immediacy. Research predicts that by 2015, more Internet users will access the web through their mobile devices than through PCs. This paradigm shift in communications has not gone unnoticed in the realm of Investor Relations as methods to communicate with the buy- and sell side continue to evolve.

A new vehicle through which public companies can communicate with investors is a mobile IR App available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Market. By creating such a proprietary investor ecosystem with Apple and Google, public companies have the ability to communicate directly with an audience that constitutes almost 85% of the entire worldwide mobile market.

The question has been asked – will the buy- and sell-side download IR Apps for all the companies they follow? Here are five reasons why the answer is “yes.”

1)    Improved mobile compatibility

Before the proliferation of Apps on the App Store and Google Play Market, investors and analysts had to open a web browser on their mobile device, wait for the corporate website to load and then navigate the small screen to locate and access the investor section of the site to find the investor materials they were looking for. In many cases, the desired content would be inaccessible due to flash requirements and other compatibility issues, not to mention sluggish Internet access. Native IR apps solve the issue of mobile compatibility. They offer investors instantaneous access to content such as conference calls, press releases, SEC filings and other valuable information.

2)    Easy Navigation

Given the small screens of iPhones (even the iPhone 5) and Android phones, if developed and designed properly, native IR apps can make for the easy navigation of IR content on all mobile devices.

3)    Push notifications

Advancements in mobile technology allow for the “pushing” of information. When downloading a company’s IR app on the App Store and Google Play Market, investors have the ability to opt-in to receive alerts when a company posts a new piece of content to its IR app. Therefore, within seconds after a press release hits the wire or an SEC filing is posted to EDGAR, investors and analysts who have downloaded the IR app will know about the event. They no longer need worry about the clutter of email or inadvertently being left off a company’s email database.

4)    Audiocast Conference Calls

Unless an investor or analyst is able to participate live on a company’s quarterly conference call, they are relegated to their desktop to listen to the archive. Almost all public companies make the archive of their conference calls available via Windows Media Player or Adobe Flash. These file formats are not compatible with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms and therefore cannot be accessed on these mobile devices. With an IR app, companies can upload the equivalent of a “podcast” allowing investors to listen to the calls anywhere at any time.

5)    Qualitative investor information

While financial apps like Bloomberg’s and Yahoo Finance’s already exist, these apps only provide the numerical and quantitative data available via stock and other electronic data feeds. They do not provide qualitative information such as a company’s investor presentations, fact sheets, marketing and sales information and company videos. It is this information that adds color to a company’s IR story and helps investors and sell-side analysts better understand what is taking place within a company’s business. IR apps allow companies to provide their investors with this important information.



Mobile Views

The Yankee Group, a research and advisory firm that develops content and analytics on the attitudes, behaviors and usage patterns of mobile users, has been keeping an eye on Investor Relations mobile communications. In late 2012, Yankee Group Senior analyst Rich Karpinski led a webinar “How to Lead in the New Mobile Economy” that we wanted to share with IRevolution readers.

One of the areas we found interesting was Karpinski’s study that showed how customers are spending more time with mobile devices:

With those kinds of findings, it’s no wonder that Yankee Group forecasts that by 2016 the mobile economy will be worth almost $3 trillion. As Karpinski notes: “From aggressive partnering strategies to innovative business model reinvention to a laser-focus on improving the customer experience, tomorrow’s mobile leaders need a fresh, new way of thinking about how they do business. Will your company be a leader, or be left behind?”

Karpinski’s webinar, delivered along with colleague Sheryl Kingstone, can be seen here as interactive examination of how to lead in the new mobile economy.

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theIRapp Welcomes…

Campbell’s Soup (NYSE: CPB) joined theIRevolution in November 2012. Through their IR app, the company offers investors the ability to obtain on their iPhone, iPad and Android telephones press releases, SEC filings, investor presentations, analyst coverage and upcoming events. In addition, investors can listen to the archive of their latest conference call.