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theIRevolution April 2013

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April 2013



Another month in theIRevolution. And, we’re just getting going. This month we take a look at the emergence of the app ecosystem. Apple and Google are definitely onto something. Their thinking behind the App Store and Google Play isn’t just about fun and games. There’s a lot more to it. While I’m a gambling man, I wouldn’t bet against Apple and Google – would you?

As many of you by now are aware, theIRapp just launched theIRappFOLIO. We created FOLIO after listening to the feedback of not only our publicly traded company subscribers, but also the investment community including the buy-side and the sell-side. There is undoubtedly a significant opportunity that is staring us in the face with respect to mobile device usage and IR communications. We at theIRapp plan to tackle it to really help the investor relations industry and IR professionals do better in the 21st Century. To learn more about FOLIO you can click here or view the short video below.

So what do we mean by an IR app ecosystem? As we read more about native apps, we are hearing about the ecosystem opportunity that they create. Check out this month’s guest blog post from Altimeter analyst Brian Solis, the renowned author of The End of Business as Usual. Brian is leading the way in the thinking behind native apps and how they are becoming an agent of change in business. Brian is an outspoken advocate for the native app environment and correctly writes that “in a mobile economy, apps become the currency of a new information exchange. One of the most fascinating and least understood aspects of apps is that they create a contained experience that essentially is its own Internet.”

Again, we at theIRapp strive to educate and to help investor relations professionals do better in their careers. This is a very exciting time in the IR industry. We are happy to be part of it with you.

Jeff Corbin
Co-Founder, theIRapp

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We launched theIRapp over a year ago as part of our vision that apps will have the power to change the nature of investor relations communication. With dozens of IR apps now driving the mobile strategies of some of the world’s leading companies, this month we introduced the next phase of theIRapp evolution: theIRappFOLIO – an IR app for iPhone, iPad, and Android telephones that allows the buy-side and sell-side to have all of their IR apps contained within a single app.

With theIRappFOLIO, we haven’t just published another app. We have laid the foundation for a mobile IR app ecosystem in which public companies’ self-generated content can be available via mobile in one place.

As can be seen in the infographic investors universally own more than one type of mobile device and are becoming increasingly dependent on Apple and Google for the consumption of information. FOLIO was designed specifically for investors and analysts who follow multiple companies. Up until now, investors had to visit the investor section of a company’s corporate website to obtain company generated qualitative content such as videos, audiocast conference calls and presentations. Much of this content isn’t available via mobile. Through FOLIO it is now.




Arthur C. Clarke

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

Authur C. Clarke
British science fiction writer and futurist


Mobile Music of the Month

Come Together- The Beatles



Mobile Views: Putting Twitter Aside

This month we wanted to share a blog post from Brian Solis – the principal analyst at Altimeter Group, a research firm focused on disruptive technology – who recently wrote about mobile strategies and the changing face of the mobile economy. See Brian’s blogs here.

Forget about Social Media for a moment. What’s your mobile strategy?

By Brian Solis

Facebook hit a billion users! Twitter is the new digital water cooler! Youtube is the future of TV! Ok, you get it right? Social media is transformative. So what? Every business that thinks about customer engagement through a technological lens will miss the very thing that will keep them in business for the long-term — the impact of technology on society and behavior and how it opens up new touch points and changes expectations as a result.

Depending on your business, you may or may not already have someone dedicated to your social media strategy. Whether it is aligning with your current business objectives and priorities is a different article. The focus for our time together right now is on how you will compete for the future of attention, wherever attention is focused. All signs at the moment point to mobile as the future of engagement and commerce as smartphones and tablets become the lens for how consumers see the digital and virtual worlds. At the end of 2011, the U.S. alone was home to more than 100 million smart phone users. By 2014, 90 million people will use tablets in the U.S., which will represent 36% of the overall Internet population. Why is this important to your business? Regardless of size, the state of mobile now insists that you think through a dedicated experience for customer engagement and commerce alike.

For years, web designers would not only develop sites, but also test their aesthetics and functionality in multiple browsers using the most common operating systems. Additionally, user testing ensured that the desired click paths and outcomes were optimized. No site can truly launch until it performs as designed for the masses. As any designer will tell you, if the click path breaks down or introduces friction, visitor frustration and abandonment isn’t far behind.

Read the full blog here:


theIRapp Welcomes…

TIM Part. S.A. (NYSE: TSU / BM&FBOVESPA: TIMP3) and Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (NASDAQ: ONCY / TSX: ONC) joined theIRevolution this month. These companies represent the first from Brazil and Canada. Through their new IR apps, investors now have mobile access to the latest news, SEC Filings, conference calls, presentations as well as background information and company created documents on the NYSE and BM&FBOVESPA (in Portuguese) and the NASDAQ and TSX exchanges.

TIM Part. S.A. Download
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Download