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theIRevolution February 2013

theIRevolution Newsletter February 2013

February 2013

theIRevolution Continues…

Welcome to the February edition of theIRevolution, theIRapp™’s newsletter to keep communications professionals up to date on the rapidly evolving world of Investor Relations and mobile communications strategies.

This month we explore the global proliferation of apps and how publicly traded companies are communicating their value and investment propositions with strategies that leverage the world’s love affair with mobile devices. I had the fortune of working with the first African company to deploy a mobile IR app solution this month, building on our relationship with Canadian, Australian and more partners across the globe. While we may speak different languages, we find commonality in how mobile devices and apps are changing how we universally do business.

With this in mind, check out this animated short – a quick look at the numbers behind the world of the app evolution.

Speaking of numbers, we all might have thought Blackberry’s days were numbered. The introduction of the Z10 may give the company another life which will prove very interesting since many investment professionals still rely on their Blackberry device, at least for its email functionality. If you have an opinion or thought on the Z10 and where Blackberry is headed, join the conversation by responding to my recent blog post. As always, this newsletter is an opportunity not just for me to pontificate about my views on mobile  It would be great to hear your thoughts as well on any topic that will help communications professionals do their jobs better.

Jeff Corbin
Co-Founder, theIRapp



“It would appear that we have reached the limits of what it is possible to achieve with computer technology, although one should be careful with such statements, as they tend to sound pretty silly in 5 years”

John von Neumann (1903 – 1957)

The Monthly Download:
Tech Makes the World Go ‘Round

  • One of every two investors believe public companies will embrace mobile faster in 2013
  • One of every three investors is likely to use an IR app instead of a mobile site

These statistics provide just a glimpse of insight into theIRapp’s 2013 Investor Relations Mobile Survey, our first look at how the world’s leading companies are approaching mobile technologies and apps this year.

As part of theIRapp’s work to help the Investor Relations industry blend technology and IR best practices, we talked with over 100 IROs and CMOs from the world’s largest companies. We wanted to gauge their opinions on the adoption of mobile strategies, and we thought the results were surprising. Here are some of the findings:

  • 88% of IROs recognize the importance of mobile to their work as communications professionals and believe that public companies need to develop a mobile IR strategy in the coming year
  • 57% of IROs believe investors now require faster access to IR content via mobile devices as compared to traditional sources
  • 78% of companies currently do not use mobile devices for their IR communications
  • 91% believe the same amount or more companies will consider publishing an investor relations app this year
  • 67% think the SEC will react in the near future to the use of mobile technologies/apps for investor communications and for Reg FD disclosure purposes

To see more details on the 2013 Investor Relations Mobile survey click here:

Read Survey Here


Mobile Music of the Month

It’s the End of the World – R.E.M.



Mobile Views: PR Newswire on Social Engagement

To Hear Your Investors, Get Social With Them

Listening is the essential first step in the agile engagement process.”

Across the IR and communications industry, that statement is ringing truer than ever. Mobile and social tools are making it ever easier for corporate communicators to have critical, two-way conversations.  Apps are part of that, as are our social channels. Whereas your press release and your IR website are tools to talk at your investors, technology is opening the doors for you to talk with your investors.

Our partners at PR Newswire in late 2012 published the white paper “Active Listening: The Key to Relevance and PR Results,” which we found to be a good roadmap for corporate communicators to follow to communicate the value of their company.

“Active listening is where opportunities for agile engagement take shape,” said Sarah Skerik, PR Newswire’s Vice President of Social Media. “In social media, where more and more content streams back and forth between brands and their audiences, PR professionals must constantly listen, target, create, engage and refine their messaging to stay relevant and rise above a crowded landscape. It’s active listening that builds the confidence and effectiveness needed to establish thought leadership and manage brand messaging in this challenging new environment.”

Below are some of Skerik’s points:

Raise your profile through thought leadership
True leadership is always an exercise in listening before taking action. In social media, the most effective thought leaders listen extensively to social media, monitor their competitors’ sites and follow their target audiences’ online behaviors to identify shifting trends.

Establish a foundation of trust
Active listening helps pinpoint gaps in thought leadership, highlighting those areas where communications professionals can address unmet needs in the market, and put agile engagement into practice.

Optimize brand messaging
Active listening not only identifies opportunities and outlets for thought leadership; it also measures how well your messaging is being received in the social ecosystem.

With immediate feedback on whether your message is reaching its target audiences, how they are commenting on it and whether they are sharing your messages in their own social networks, you can quickly evaluate and adjust your approach as needed.

You can read the whole whitepaper here:       Download Here


theIRapp Welcomes…

Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: PVCT) joined theIRevolution in January of 2013. Through their IR app, the company’s investors have online access to the latest stock price information, news, SEC Filings, as well as background information and corporate documents.