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theIRevolution July 2013

theIRevolution Newsletter June 2013

July 2013



Summer’s here and it’s heating up with oil and gas. But what do apps and the oil and gas industry have in common? Both are booming industries and both are expected to play leading roles in the economic recovery. With the attention surrounding investments in the oil and gas industry, it makes sense that this sector is one of the fastest adopters of investor relations app based strategies. Mobile technology is offering the oil and gas industry a way to dig deep to find valuable connections with investors looking to obtain their IR information via their mobile device.

As we know, mobile phones and tablets have forever changed the way we access information. As apps become more engrained in our daily lives, people are moving away from using mobile browsers to access corporate websites and turning to an efficient native app experience.

Interestingly, the oil and gas industry is leading the charge. Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell have apps that are as polished as most corporate websites. Chevron and Hess have apps that look like interactive magazines – and even provide games. theIRapp™ alone has published almost 10 energy company-related apps (see case study below), including Marathon Oil, Quanta Services and ALLETE, with more coming soon.

Why so much interest in this industry? We’re in the middle of an energy revolution that is in large part fueling recovery from the economic recession. By 2020, according to Forbes, shale gas alone is expected to support 4 million jobs (versus 1.7 million today). And, according to the International Energy Agency, the U.S. is expected to surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading oil exporter. Combined with the proliferation of mobile devices, the burgeoning app economy and the trillions of dollars it is forecast to create, the industrial and tech revolutions are merging. From what we see today, we expect that throughout the rest of the year, the oil, gas and energy industries will continue to embrace apps as a way to further communicate their company’s value proposition and engage directly with their investors.

This month, as Apple’s App Store celebrates five years of business (growing from 500 apps to nearly 1 million), we’re looking at how certain forward-looking companies, particularly oil and gas companies, during this short period of time have adopted mobile strategies. Enjoy the video below that presents a case study on how these companies are using their IR apps to attract investor attention. We also have included a guest blog post from SAP mobile analyst Milja Gillespie to further highlight the rapid growth in mobile usage.

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Mobile Music of the Month

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The Monthly Download: The Case for Oil

Simply put, more people in more countries are using more mobile devices to do more things. At a time when the oil and gas industry is booming, forward-looking companies are seizing the opportunity to engage these investors where they are: on-the-go.

Oil and Gas companies have been among the first publicly traded companies to seize the opportunity to reach a rapidly growing, mobile-centric investor base. Below are some examples of companies that have published an IR app and have demonstrated that mobile engagement is the future for investor relations communications:

Marathon Oil Corp. MagneGas Corp.
ALLETE Inc. Next Fuel, Inc.
Spectra Energy Quanta Services


The Results

theIRapp published its first oil and gas industry app in March of 2012. Since then, the oil and gas companies who subscribe have seen great success:

theIRevolution Heats up With Oil and Gas

Why are More People Are Using Apps?

Financial news and analysis firm InvestmentNews in a study released in April, 2013 said that 88% of top-performing investment advisors now use smartphones and 65% use tablets. Personal computers lost market share in 2012 with shipments dropping 5.9 percent with 303.2 million units shipped, according to Taipei-based TrendForce, who together with research peer Gartner, says PC shipments will shrink another 4% in 2013. App analytics firm Flurry in April, 2013 reported that “more than a billion consumers are ‘glued’ to mobile devices, and their apps impact nearly every aspect of their lives.” Flurry further reported that the U.S. consumer spends an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes per day on smartphones and tablets. 80% of that time (2 hours and 7 minutes) is spent inside apps and 20% (31 minutes) is spent on the mobile web.

What the Companies Are Saying

People are using mobile devices more and more for information sources. We see that across all different types of audiences and ways of getting information

– Marathon Oil External Communications Manager Lee Warren in Energy Intelligence, June 2013

Spectra Energy is committed to providing long term shareholder value, and with that, meaningful information with which investors can evaluate our strategy and performance. Our ‘Invest SE’ app is a natural extension of our on-line investor relations platform to keep up with the changing digital communications landscape.

– Greg Ebel, president and chief executive officer, Spectra Energy Corp in an April 25, 2013 press release



Ronald Reagan“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat”

-Ronald Reagan


Mobile Views: Mobile 2.0

This month’s guest blog comes from Milja Gillespie, the director of mobility thought leadership and strategy at SAP. The blog looks at “The Shift to Mobile 2.0” and how mobile is at a turning point where suddenly people can access real-time data, with the ability to take immediate action on that data no matter where they are.

The Advent Of Mobile 2.0

By Milja Gillespie June 10, 2013

How many times have you told someone or heard, “I have to do that when I get back into the office” or “Yes, I can take care of that as soon as I get back to my computer”? Countless, right?

If only your company-issued smartphone could do more than calls and e-mails…

According to the latest Harvard Business Review (HBR) whitepaper, How Mobility is Changing the Enterprise, “we are in the vortex of the technological shift from Mobile 1.0 to Mobile 2.0.”
Breaking down the walls of the office now goes well beyond mobile e-mail. Mobile applications integrated into office ERP and backend systems are truly making the office a virtual space. Employees at all levels, customers.

Mobile Views: Mobile 2.0


theIRapp Welcomes…

This month theIRapp welcomes ADT Corp. (NYSE: ADT) to our community of IR apps. The company published its app on July 17, 2013 as a way to give investors mobile access to the latest stock data, news and SEC Filings as well as proprietary company content including presentations, conference calls, videos, sales and marketing collateral, fact sheets, annual reports and other qualitative company information. With ADT’s IR app, investors are able to receive push notifications when new content is added; add events to their calendars, share content as well as download it for offline viewing.