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theIRevolution June 2013

theIRevolution Newsletter June 2013

June 2013



We’re back from NIRI’s Annual Conference in Hollywood, Florida and are more excited than ever about how the IR industry has embraced mobile technology. We introduced theIRapp last year at NIRI in Seattle and in just 12 short months are proud to have been a part of a significant shift in the use of technology for IR communications. It’s clear after talking to many IROs in Florida that publishing an IR app to communicate with shareholders is quickly becoming something that they are considering as part of their communications efforts. The phenomena surrounding the rapid adoption of mobile devices is a never-before seen demonstration of acceptance of a new tool to make our lives – and work – better and more productive.

An interesting debate (albeit a quiet one) took place in Florida. And the question being pondered by many was whether to go with a native IR app solution or simply provide investors with an optimized website on the mobile device via HTML5/responsive design. I want to take this moment to share with you my thoughts on native apps. In my 15+ years as an IR consultant, the one issue dogging IR professionals has been how to secure and maintain closer relationships with investors. Native apps allow for just this. They are an ecosystem of communications in which video, audio, conferencing and sharing of information come together. If the past two years are any indication, the coming years are certain to see the continued advancement in mobile technology in which native apps will allow companies to interact directly through their mobile device with investors. Optimized websites through a mobile browser do not allow for this. In my view, they are a shortsighted tactic that does not embrace the real value and power that mobile technology brings to the investor relations profession.

In conclusion (and on a lighter note), this issue of theIRevolution is kicking off summer with some Good Vibrations as we take a look back at NIRI and forward to how mobile will continue to shake-up of the IR industry. We’ve include some insights from app analytics firm, Flurry, on the growth of apps and their take on how apps will evolve in the coming years. Also, during NIRI we asked attendees a pointed question – what is Mobile IR? The short video below sums it all up.

Mobily yours,

Jeff Corbin
Co-Founder, theIRapp

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App Strategies

Making an IR App Stand Out

Publishing an IR App to Apple’s App Store or Google Play is exciting, but is only the beginning of the adventure. Once published, the real fun can start as more and more investors download your IR app. To get the word out and market your IR app, here are a few practical ways that our subscribers attribute with helping them to generate hundreds, if not thousands of downloads:

  • Put out a press release announcing your IR App.
  • Add download links to the boilerplate of press releases (similar to the way you mention the IR section of your corporate website).
  • Post icons for Apple’s App Store and Google Play to the IR section of your website. These can then link directly to your IR App on the respective sites and allow for easy download of the app.
  • Consider including the App Store and Google Play icons in your company email signatures. This way anyone receiving your email on a mobile device can easily download your app. Include a QR code on your marketing materials – when someone scans the code with their mobile device, it will take them to the appropriate app store
  • Consider making the app an interesting part of your next earnings call, annual meeting or analyst day – let your audience know that presentations, conference calls and other important information can be pushed directly to their mobile device!


Marcus Aurelius

“Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.”

Marcus Aurelius
Roman Emperor from 161 to 180


Mobile Music of the Month

Good Vibrations
The Beach Boys


Mobile Views: the Trillion Dollar Revolution

This month’s guest blog comes from Flurry, the app analytics outfit that now measures apps used on more than 1 billion smartphones and tablets each month.

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Consumer

by Simon Khalaf Jun 13, 2013

The mobile revolution has been dubbed by many as the trillion dollar revolution. While it is still hard for anyone to quantify the overall economic impact of the mobile revolution, it is clear that mobile devices and apps are changing every aspect of our lives. From news consumption, to photo sharing, to gaming, to hailing a cab to depositing a check, every moment has become a mobile moment. In fact, most consumers who have a smartphone or a tablet can’t imagine their lives without these devices and apps. We have become addicted to instant gratification and the back pocket proximity of powerful computing technology

At Flurry, we have been at the epicenter of the mobile revolution for more than five years now and today we see activity from more than 300,000 apps and three billion app sessions every day, giving us a unique vantage point into the behavior of over a billion worldwide mobile consumers.

Today we are sharing a peek into a day in the life of a U.S. adult mobile consumer. For this depiction we have used a random sample of 15,271 U.S. iOS users and we measured their app usage throughout the month of May, 2013

Many things will change over the next few years but we predict that mobile devices will become even more a part of the fabric of society than they are today. That means marketers and advertisers need to learn how to make mobile a central part of their marketing and media plans, not just an afterthought.
To read the full report and learn more, visit:

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Consumer


theIRapp Welcomes…

Taminco Corporation (NYSE:TAM) which in May published an Android, iPhone and iPad native app to give investors mobile access to the latest stock data, news, SEC Filings directly from Taminco Corporation. Taminco is using its IRapp to disseminate proprietary company content including presentations, conference calls, videos, sales and marketing collateral, fact sheets, annual reports and other qualitative company information. Investors are able to receive push notifications when new content is added to theIRapp; add events to their calendars, share content as well as download it for offline viewing.