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theIRevolution November 2013

theIRevolution Newsletter August/September 2013

November 2013



It has been an exciting month at theIRapp. We just got back from the Public Relation Society of America’s International Conference in Philadelphia where we unveiled, theCOMMSapp, the mobile platform for the communications industry. Using the same technology as theIRapp, theCOMMSapp was created to give not only public companies, but also private organizations an efficient, simple and cost-effective means to disseminate corporate messages and insights via mobile.

As people are spending more time with mobile and less time at their desktops, it is becoming more difficult for a company to get its messages across to its targeted audiences. The shift in our communications habits has made it imperative for communications professionals to identify a way to utilize mobile to communicate with their desired constituents whether it’s employees, customers or members of an organization.

The feedback we received at the PRSA Conference was remarkable and, similar to what we learned at NIRI in Seattle back in June of 2012, confirmed that the COMMS industry has been looking for the type of solution that a native app platform provides to establish a direct line of communications. To date, they have struggled to find ways to take advantage of this important new technological platform.  

And this isn’t just isolated to the United States – it is a global issue.  In a few weeks we’re excited to be sponsoring NIRI and IR Magazine’s Global IR Forum held in NYC. The two-day seminar brings together investor relations professionals from around the world to network and learn about international communications strategies. I will be participating in a discussion on the importance of connecting with investors via mobile.  

theIRapp will be used as the communications platform for the conference – both prior to, during and after the event – to keep the global IR community connected. We’ve seen tremendous global reach with theIRapp having partners in Brazil, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, who are offering theIRapp to public companies in their respective countries.

As all IR professionals will agree, the goal for public companies is to provide transparent and easy access to critical company and financial information.  This should apply to companies regardless of which global exchange they trade on or what language they speak. Mobile is truly global. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here. We hope to see you there.

To learn a little more about theCOMMSapp, below is a short video where you can see what it’s all about. Enjoy and contact us at if you’d like to learn more.

Mobily yours,

Jeff Corbin
Co-Founder, theIRapp

The Monthly Download: The Mobile Earnings Conference Call

We are in the heart of earnings season. For public companies, relaying earnings information is arguably one of the most important times of the year. It is a period when a company’s management team directly addresses its shareholders and provides a comprehensive update on business developments during the quarter and/or the year.

However, for the past decade, the way a company communicates earnings has remained relatively unchanged.  Investors who want to hear from company management have two choices. First, they can dial in from their phone. This can be challenging when they are on-the-go. Or, they have to be tethered to their desk and listen in from a webcast on their computer.

theIRapp understood that removing these barriers and enabling mobility would increase participation and allow investors to access a company’s earnings call on-the-go and participate in a way that is convenient for each individual.  Hence, we unveiled Version 5.0 of theIRapp in August.  This new version allows companies to stream live audio and video, including conference calls, webinars, live events and presentations, through their app. Just a month after the new functionality was introduced, companies including Colgate-Palmolive, Edwards Lifesciences and Triple-S Management used it successfully to broadcast their earnings calls live through the mobile device.

The ability to stream live content demonstrates the power of the mobile device and the native app as a communications platform.  It represents just the starting point by which IR professionals can build an ecosystem to bring their companies and investors together in real time.



Charles Eames
“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”

– Stewart Brand


Mobile Music of the Month

Led Zeppelin
Communication Breakdown



Mobile Views: Mobile
Internet Usage on the Rise

Gartner Says Mobile App Stores Will See Annual Downloads Reach 102 Billion in 2013

Mobile app stores will see annual downloads reach 102 billion in 2013, up from 64 billion in 2012, according to Gartner, Inc. Total revenue in 2013 will reach $26 billion, up from $18 billion in 2012. Free apps will account for 91 percent of total downloads in 2013 (see Table 1). Gartner said that in-app purchases (IAPs) will account for 48 percent of app store revenue by 2017, up from 11 percent in 2012. 

“We expect strong growth in downloads through 2014, but growth is forecast to slow down a bit in later years,” said Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner. “The average downloads per device should be high in early years as users get new devices and discover the apps they like. Over time they accumulate a portfolio of apps they like and stick to, so there will be moderate numbers of downloads in the later years.” 

“Free apps currently account for about 60 percent and 80 percent of the total available apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, respectively,” said Brian Blau, research director at Gartner. “iOS and Android app stores combined are forecast to account for 90 percent of global downloads in 2017. These app stores are still increasingly active due to richer ecosystems and large and very active developer communities. However, we expect average monthly downloads per iOS device to decline from 4.9 in 2013 to 3.9 in 2017, while average monthly downloads per Android device will decline from 6.2 in 2013 to 5.8 in 2017. This relates back to the overall trend of users using the same apps more often rather than downloading new ones.”



Table 1. Mobile App Store Downloads, Worldwide, 2010-2016
(Millions of Downloads)








Free Downloads







Paid-for Downloads














Total Downloads







Free Downloads %














Source: Gartner (September 2013) 


Additional information is available in the report “Forecast: Mobile App Stores, Worldwide, 2013 Update.” The report is available on Gartner’s website at



theIRapp Welcomes…

Ceragon has also published an IR app to reach investors anytime, anywhere via their mobile device. Ceragon is using the app to push press releases, SEC filings and presentations to its investors. The app also informs investors of upcoming events and earnings calls. Ceragon plans to use the app’s live stream functionality to broadcast their Q3 earnings live through the app. Download Ceragon’s IR app and listen in on November 11th at 9am ET.