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Mobile IR Apps versus Social Media – Are the Two Mutually Exclusive?

BNY Mellon recently released the tenth edition of its Global Trends in Investor Relations report. The comprehensive survey examines global IR practices from 550 respondents across 54 countries that span a range of market cap and industry sectors, including financials, industrials, consumer, technology and healthcare. A free copy of the report is available by clicking the link above.

While there are many good takeaways from the 36 page report, the authors of the report confuse one important issue – the use of mobile technology for IR purposes does not constitute social media.  Hence it is a mistake to include “Mobile phone/Tablet IR apps” within the social media section of the report without qualification.

Social media for IR purposes certainly can take place via the mobile device (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, StockTwits, etc.).  However, mobile technology by itself is not social media.  It is but a mechanism through which to deliver information (similar to the desktop computer and Internet).  Similarly, mobile IR apps aren’t social media.  Rather they, like the IR website, are another conduit for making investor related information accessible to investors.  The two are not and shouldn’t be considered mutually exclusive.

One message that we at theIRapp have continued to emphasize in our blog (Authentic Content Still Reigns King and Avon, Twitter and Fraudulent Communications) is the importance of companies controlling their message and ensuring that the public receives authentic, company-generated content.  The BNY report mentions the “inability to control the message” as an important reason for not using social media for IR purposes.  As a result, one might believe that the same holds true with respect to IR apps.  This is not the case.  Rather, content posted on a company’s IR app is done so by an authorized member of the company.  Moreover, in some instances, a company’s IR app is an extension of its IR website and the content therein.

The BNY Mellon report indicates that the category of mobile phone/tablet IR apps has doubled since 2012 when their research first started following this new form of communications.  There is still a lot of room for further growth considering only 11% of companies are using IR apps. And this will undoubtedly occur as companies continue to embrace the importance of making their IR information readily, instantaneously and conveniently available to their investors.  It will also continue to grow as investors continue to recognize that the information being delivered to them through the IR apps of the companies they follow is authentic and actually from the company.

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FinTech Startups Demo Day

Just a few weeks ago, APPrise Mobile was fortunate to have been selected to be one of five startups to present at “FinTech Startups Demo Day”, a Meetup organized by Empire Startups focused on financial technology startups, entrepreneurs and investors. We were excited to show this group our first product, theIRapp, and to showcase the success we have experienced to date with more 80,000 investors from around the world downloading the IR apps of more than 100 forward-thinking public companies that have not only embraced the importance of having an investor relations mobile strategy, but also our platform as an easy and cost effective way to do so.  We only had five minutes to demo theIRapp, which wasn’t so easy given the robustness of our solution.  Empire Startups was kind enough to produce a video of the demo which I am pleased to share with you below.

As an FYI, on November 10 and 11, I will be participating at the Empire Startups Summit at Webster Hall in New York City and will be one of the Silicon Alley top innovators to speed pitch APPrise Mobile to some of the leading venture capitalists in America. I look forward to using what I learned during my first Meetup at this event.

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2014 Mobile Predictions from theIRapp

The rising number of mobile devices continues to change the way information is consumed, shared and engaged with on a daily basis. The general public is spending more time on their devices than ever before, making mobile an essential part of any organization’s communication plan. Check out our predictions of what you should expect to see during 2014.

  • Native Apps and Mobile SEO. Google is now allowing apps to support deep linking on Android mobile devices. However, only those organizations that have a native app presence on the Google Play will be able to benefit. As a result, businesses will continue to embrace native apps during 2014 rather than just making their websites responsive to the many mobile screens out there.  A “mobile first” approach will evolve this year and it will be up to app developers to serious consider the key words, tags and links contained within the apps they create. The development of deep linking within a mobile app provides a new channel for optimization and solidifies the importance of having a native app mobile strategy.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Many organizations are already adopting a BYOD programs.  This trend will continue during 2014 – and why shouldn’t it?  Mobile is here and pretty much everyone has some sort of mobile device.  According to a survey done by IBM, BYOD is shown to increase productivity and innovation in employees as well as to increase employee satisfaction. Employees are more comfortable using a personal device that is of their own choosing rather than one selected and provided to them by their employer.
  • Living For Mobile. Nomophobia is the fear of not being connected due to lack of batter power, signal or loss of one’s mobile device. As mobile becomes even more engrained in everything we do in life during 2014, more and more people will be diagnosed with Nomophobia.

We look forward to seeing how mobile continues to change the way we do business in 2014. Do you have any mobile trends you predict for this year?

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