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theFUNDSapp™, part of the APPrise Mobile family of products, is a native app technology platform for mutual, hedge, private equity and asset management funds. theFUNDSapp allows any fund, publicly traded or not, to have its own app in Apple’s App Store and Google Play providing investors access to fund information, press releases, SEC filings and all of the great qualitative content that, in many instances, can only be found on a fund’s website. For a family of funds, theFUNDSapp offers a fund FOLIO, a single portfolio app containing each individual fund’s app.

For private funds, theFUNDSapp has an optional enhanced security feature that allows only those registered in the fund database to access the app.  Before an authorized individual is able to gain access to the app, the platform authenticates the individual using a unique identifier (e.g. email address, account number, etc.)  If an individual no longer is authorized by the fund and is removed from the database, they no longer are able to access the app.

Setting up theFUNDSapp is simple. As a registered Apple and Google developer, APPrise Mobile takes all of the hard work out of the app development process. All a fund needs to do is provide its logo and, if it is publicly traded, the fund’s ticker symbol. APPrise Mobile provides the fund with a secure and easy to use content management system and once a few pieces of original content (multimedia and documents) are uploaded, the fund-branded app can be live in less than three weeks for download on Apple and Android mobile devices.










CEFinsight Mobile

CEFinsight Mobile™, powered by theIRapp®, was created by AST Funds Solution’s Closed-End Fund (CEF) Group to provide CEFs with the ability to have their own mobile app on Apple’s App Store. It allows CEFs to:

    • Qualify investors by name, email and investor type
    • Market and instantaneously push important information directly to investors
    • Track in-app investor activity with advanced analytics

Any closed-end fund that subscribes to CEFinsight Mobile will also have an app available on the App Store in less than three weeks for thousands of interested investors to download for free. All that is needed is a fund’s ticker symbol and brand logo. The fund is provided with an easy to use content management system (CMS) whereby any document, audio or video file can be uploaded and made available within seconds.

In addition, daily CEF information including NAV, market price, premium discounts, etc. is included within the funds’ app as well as CEFinsight Mobile, which provides investors an all-inclusive resource to learn more about the hundreds of closed-end funds available for purchase.

Closed-end funds that create an app for their individual or family of funds are automatically included in the CEFinsight Mobile app. CEFinsight Mobile allows investors who follow multiple funds to create a portfolio of closed-end funds in a single mobile app as well as to receive daily, weekly and monthly CEF insight analysis, commentary and customized research to gain greater historical context and understanding regarding activist shareholders and factors driving both activist and general investment behavior (flows) in closed-end funds.


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