Investor Relations (IR) app for iPhone, iPad and Android – theIRapp™


theIRappFOLIO is a mobile app available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android devices.  It allows investors and analysts to have all of their IR apps contained within a single IR app.  Through theIRappFOLIO, investors that follow multiple companies have access in one place on their mobile device to company generated content including earnings conference calls, videos, presentations and other important IR information.


What is theIRappFOLIO?

theIRappFOLIO aggregates all of the IR apps of companies that subscribe to theIRapp® so that investors do not have to download multiple IR apps.

The information made available through theIRapp and theIRappFOLIO is not available from any other mobile source. It is company generated content that can only be found by going to a company’s corporate website or by requesting it directly from the company. A company possesses a secure content management system and uploads only that content that it wishes to make available to the public.


How it works

Once an investor downloads theIRappFOLIO, they are prompted to enter a company’s name or ticker symbol.  If a company subscribes to theIRapp®, its IR app will appear and can be added to theIRappFOLIO.  If a company does not subscribe, the investor can request that the company do so.

theIRappFOLIO is organized based on company name as well as by industry. As each company updates its IR app, a new content feed exists so investors are alerted in real time to the new information that has been made available by the companies followed.

All functionality of each company’s IR app is available through theIRappFOLIO.  This functionality includes:

  • Live streaming of earnings calls
  • Push notifications/alerts when new information is added to a company’s IR app
  • Downloadable content for offline viewing
  • Ability to add events to calendars
  • Audio and Video Multimedia (including earnings conference calls)
  • Unlimited content modules for proprietary company generated information including presentations, annual reports, SEC filings, press releases, etc.
  • Content sharing via social media and email
  • Investor sign up/opt-in
  • Horizontal/landscape viewing of content

To request that a company be included in theIRappFOLIO, fill out the form below. To subscribe to theIRapp, click here.




Download theIRappFOLIO

theIRappFOLIO is free to download and available in Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android devices.  To download theIRappFOLIO click one of the icons below.



Request that a company be included in theIRappFOLIO

To request that a company be included in theIRappFOLIO, fill out the form below: