Investor Relations (IR) app for iPhone, iPad and Android – theIRapp™

Investor Relations Apps – Make Your IR Content Mobile

theIRapp® is a turn-key investor relations app that allows a publicly traded company to optimize their IR content for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. In only a few weeks, any company can have its own IR app and provide investors throughout the world with investor relations information including stock related data and company communications such as presentations, videos, audiocast conference calls, fact sheets and marketing collateral.

Created by IR professionals, theIRapp is the only company focusing exclusively on  investor relations apps.

theIRapp® is part of the APPrise Mobile family of communications products that also include theEMPLOYEEapp™ (a secure employee communications mobile portal), theCOMMSapp™ (for external communications), theCONFERENCEapp™ (for investor, analyst and other conference and event communications) and theFUNDSapp™ (for mutual, hedge, private equity and asset management funds).

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